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It is an oft asked question, and also an almost MUST ASK one on social media, or so one would think from the way it breaks out like a measles rash whenever any kind of ‘day’ is upon us. There are of course ‘days’ for everything under the sun, plus the sun. This also includes a day for toilets if you must know, which falls on another very important day. Not saying which one. Anyways… The question: Why should we have a particular day for mothers/ fathers/ daughters/ sons/ friendship/ love/ whatever for shouldn’t they be celebrated on other days too?

I cannot help but roll my eyes big time at these updates (just as I do at the other ones that go overboard, the cloying saccharine sweet ones. Ugh!). Sigh. One of these days, my eyes are going to roll out of their sockets with all the eye-rolling I do, I swear. But what the heck sort of question is it?! Was there a memo I missed instructing us that mothers/ fathers/ daughters/ sons/ friendship/ love/ whatever cannot and should not be celebrated during any of the rest of the three hundred and sixty-four days? Were we ever cautioned at gun point to refrain from celebrating, or else be incarcerated?

As far as I know shops and restaurants are open on other days too. Buying gifts, going out for dinner, spending quality time et al can be done all year round without anyone putting you on trial for it. But no, that silly question has to be repeated on social media over and over again. Why have one day, why not all days? Aaargh. Give me a break. It is just a day to remind you how the rest of the days should be, full of love, good food and laughter, some gifts, togetherness, fairness, integrity, justice, consideration, care, kindness and more, ….all the good things in fact.

Have you noticed one thing though? No one asks why the various Gods are celebrated on certain days. Gotcha there, haven’t I? Why do Gods each have particular days set apart for them, and how is everyone okay with it? No outrage on social media for their sake? Why no call to ‘celebrate’ all of them, all days of the year? Double standards, much eh?

Come to think of it, how hurt the Gods must feel. They probably are going around asking THE question on THEIR social media. Why celebrate me one day, why not all days? Why? Why? WHY? WHYYYYYYYY? Flushed and teary-eyed they furiously type on their Godbook page (a la Facebook), Why should we have A DAY to be taken out in a procession? Why can’t there be processions all year round? Answer us, you worthless humans! Yeah, answer them, you worthy humans! 😉 😉

© Shail Mohan 2020

This is the first time I have ‘allowed’ myself not to complete a blogathon. Circumstances did not let me go through with it. A comment to an earlier post said that sometimes we have to cut ourselves some slack. Albeit reluctantly, I have done just that. Thank you for reading.