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Ha, I thought to myself when I saw the prompt at Fandango’s. Television. I have something to say alright.

My relationship with the television is one of love and hate.

I love watching the shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, music shows, stand up comedies and so on. I hate the screaming (and scheming) news anchors and what they pass off as news. I really want to break the television then. But considering this one is a gift from the Second Born, I restrain myself. But really, can I blame just the news channels and anchors? What about those who sit in front of the televisions lapping up all that’s being doled and, hold your breath, BELIEVING it all? Ugh.

I love it when people are considerate, and the television is playing at a volume that is minimal or at least at a reasonable and tolerable level. I hate when it blares and assaults my sensitive eardrums. Do you have the damn thing on for yourself or for the neighbors, because if you didn’t know, they have their own television sets in their homes. And also there are things in the market called headphones. Buy them, use them. Sigh. I think though that I have to go about canvassing the neighbors too, because when I step out of an evening, I can clearly hear three different televisions. Ugh.

I am okay when someone wants to watch television when I am working (in the kitchen). Not really. I prefer silence, or my own singing or my one-sided chitchats with Luci, or music when I am working. But I am willing to make the sacrifice if it is a life and death matter that you watch television and also provided that you are really watching it. Keeping the television on as background noise -AS BACKGROUND NOISE, WTF! – and doing other things, worse still disappearing from the scene altogether leaving me to suffer the thing in silence might get you whopped one on the head when you are least expecting it. There I have said it.

Okay. That’s it. I think. If there’s more, there is always another day, another blog, to vent. Omg. I feel so much better now. Oh wait. That’s because no television is playing anywhere in my vicinity now.

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