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Yesterday was Teacher’s Day.

[By the way, I was supposed to write this post yesterday, in which case the post would have started with ‘Today is Teacher’s Day’. But I couldn’t, for the simple reason that I was busy sneezing. Yes, that’s what a few days worth of inhaling smoke does to you. Anyway, like I was saying, yesterday was Teacher’s Day.]

I have been reading all sorts of tributes to teachers from those around me (Facebook is FULL of them) and I am feeling all perturbed. Is it just me? Am I the only one who has nothing to say about ‘teachers’ and the role they have played in MY life, whether it be in school and/or home? Most of them have done their duties and that’s as far as I will go.

My teachers in life have always been the adversities and negativity that I had to face. THEY taught me what I did not want to do in life. THEY taught me who I did not want to be. When you have a number say 10, and you take away 6, the balance has to be 4. So when you know what/who you don’t want, the rest is easy. What you have left is what you aspire to be. I have tried to be true to that answer I arrived at all by myself.

Then there are the many books I could lay my hands on that I read voraciously. You cannot call them all ‘great’ but I carried something unique away from each of them. Books introduced me to different places, people, their lifestyles and ideas. They showed me the lows humankind could dip to, also the highs they could rise. They influenced me by raising my awareness and giving new insights. What better teachers could I have found than them?

And last but not the least, there are the everyday ordinary people you encounter, some aspect of whose life stories touch your heart (unlike the made up sob stories shared on WhatsApp that annoy me so much). Each one of those ordinary people has something of value to impart and I willingly accept those teaching moments.

So here’s to my teachers: Adversities, Books, and Ordinary People.

And oh! Yesterday was also my wedding anniversary. Thirty Eight and counting. 😉

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