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Last evening Luci went on a ramble around the house on her own. Rarely does she do that. Her usual habit is to stay put till either dad or mom step out with her on her ‘business’ tours. But last evening was different. She had heard the neighbor at the gate and went running to investigate.

This neighbor is the one with whom Luci seems to have a running feud, but only when they are on either side of the wall/gate. When the lady steps in, Luci does an about turn and is full of ahh-there-you-are-old-friend tail wags. Yesterday a stray pup had followed the neighbor as she stood outside the gate to give her grandson a glimpse of Luci.

The tiny pup, barely the size of Luci’s head, had the nerve to bark at her. Luci went berserk. You little pipsqueak. You come to MY house and dare bark at me. ME! She gave a few of her MIGHTY ROAR barks that puts the fear of the unknown into her enemies or innocent passers by. The scared the pup ran away as fast as its little legs could, to go look for its mom. One can imagine the conversation that ensued between them. ‘The big bad dog barked at me, mommy!!!’ ‘And who told you to go gallivanting without permission, junior? No supper for you!’

Meanwhile, pleased at having made her point – no one barks at Queen Luci, EVER! – Luci went on a happy ramble, forgetting that her ‘bodyguards’, who she insisted accompany her at all times, were missing. When she returned, unbeknownst to her, there was someone riding piggyback. Take a look.

© Shail Mohan 2020