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The L&M woke me up at 5 a.m. A light touch and I was wide awake. Excitement does that. Sleep vanishes in a jiffy, leaving you fresh and ready to start the day. Today was the day, I told myself. I quickly performed my morning ablutions, gulped down my tea, changed into going-out clothes, stuffed the Kindle into my handbag, put on my mask, and was ready to wave Luci a cheery goodbye by 6-30 a.m.

Luci on the other hand wasn’t happy at all. She had on a long face. She hates going-out clothes. I thought I had cured you of this bad habit of wearing going-out clothes and disappearing, her reproachful look said. Be a good girl, I called out to her cheerfully, pretending to ignore the look. Mommy will be back soon. The L&M locked the gate, and soon we were in the car, on our way. The music from the pen drive, all my choices, started playing and I sat back happily to enjoy the long drive ……to the doctor’s clinic.

Yes, that’s where we were headed. I suppose it is inevitable that it should come to this. You virtually lock people away in their homes for months with no outings whatsoever and when they finally get a chance to go out, it fills them with so much elation, as if they are going on a school picnic. Never mind that in reality, the trip was only to the doctor’s clinic for the annual check up.

© Shail Mohan 2020