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This is how Luci prefers to sleep these days, with her head raised and resting on the handle of the sofa, or the raised edge of the cot. The ‘posing’ for this photo was quite involuntary, she having woken up from sleep on hearing my footsteps too late. Caught off-guard, she did not have enough time to rearrange her features to the usual resigned, oh-no-not-again expression. So, what you see is the I-will-just-pretend-I-am-not-aware-what-is-happening pose.

By the way, there are hundreds of photos of Luci. Some may tell you that’s all balderdash, that in reality there are thousands, but then they would be exaggerating. Out of the hundreds that truly exist, posting this particular one of her today has been a totally arbitrary decision of mine. Well, I may have done a bit of eeny, meeny, miny, moe while scrolling through her pictures, but that’s something to be expected when they all look good, the subject being who she is. The final outcome though was not based on it.

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