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A recent news quotes the WHO as cautioning the world that the worst could be yet to come. Egad! Though everyone wants it to just go away and never ever return, Covid-19 is apparently not done with humans as yet. For quite some time to come, life for humans will be about living in red, yellow or green zones as mandated by the virus.

Come to think of it, what else can you expect when you have some people go so far as to giving it the status of a deity and worshiping it as Goddess Corona? I imagine Covid-19 is jubilant. Me, a Goddess? This is simply awesome. Like hell I am leaving. I am gonna stay right here and enjoy the hospitality of these ‘nice’ people who are offering me flowers and food and what’s that, incense? Bring it on. Light more lamps, please. I love being a Goddess! It’s so cool.

You see how it is? It is happening right in front of our eyes, I try telling those who care to listen. By the way, very few do, which is why I have a blog. Duh! This is how it must have happened in the past, I go on. People were scared of some sickness or other and not having any means of control over it, they did the next best thing, gave it the status of a deity and started worshiping it, hoping it would not harm them too much, not kill but let them live.

Small pox and chicken pox were/are believed to be the Mother Goddess visiting your body. How long before Goddess Corona is elevated to the same status by more and more people in the coming days? My words are usually met with stony silence. The past is holy, and anyone who tries to rationalize anything from that glorious past, is unholy. Oh, never mind.

Everyone wants this (the pandemic) to be over, says Dr Tedros of WHO, but the hard reality is, this is not even close to being over.

This is distressing news to me. For many more months to come, I cannot hope to do two of the things I love so much: Have my children over and/or travel anywhere. So I have decided to respond to this distress in the only way I know to de-stress. The wordy way. Yup, you may have guessed it. I am doing an all-month-er, if I may call it so. Every morning, no-no I don’t want to make rash promises, noon, no, not noon, I gotta nap, evening, nope, won’t do, that’s when I walk, so okay, late night before the clock strikes the midnight hour, there I got that right, there’s going to be a post on Shail’s Nest.

July, here I come.

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