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I love June. It is the month when the Southwest monsoon hits our shores and proceeds to give us of its bounty. The hot and humid summer days are officially over. Rainy days are here again.

Nights are spent snuggled in bed listening to the music of the falling rain or the croaking of frogs that precede and follow it. Or sometimes it is the rhythm of falling drops from eaves and leaves. The ceiling fan gets a rest. You actually decide to wear a night dress with sleeves.

The days are different. Wetness rules. You find yourself running around trying to get the clothes to dry in the infrequent forays of the watery sun. Looking at the sky and gauging the intentions of the gathering clouds becomes second nature before venturing out. Raincoats and umbrellas are your best friends.

Then there’s the breeze that blows during the dry spells in between, cool and pleasant. It dives through the leaves, weaving in and out, making them chatter and giggle. One wants to linger longer listening to them, at the same time wondering what they are saying to each other. Is the breeze telling the leaves not to despair, that rain will be back, this is only a temporary respite while it recoups?

June is lovely. I love June.

It is the month in which I was born.

Mother tells me it was close to midnight on a dark and rainy night in June when I decided to arrive. But today was neither dark nor rainy. The sun shone, though eclipsed every now and then by dark clouds. By evening though the clouds were hurrying to some unknown destination. Were they gathering together to recreate the night of all those years ago? I will have to wait and see. It is almost time.

In the meantime, have some cake. 😉

© Shail Mohan 2020