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If it is Tuesday, this must be Belgium is the title of a romantic comedy from the year 1969. In 2021 if it is Tuesday it is time for jotting down ten thoughts on your blog page. So here goes:

  1. This Mother Hubbard likes nothing better than having a well stocked larder. So, grocery and vegetable shopping, here I come, I sang as I stepped out of the house. Anyway, this is the only outing we have these days, so I try and make the most of it.
  2. It was a beautiful day. The sky was mostly blue with fluffy clouds here and there when we started out, but it only took a minute for things to change drastically. And then it rained.
  3. What does one do when both your limbs conspire against you? The left upper arm which is even now gently being coaxed to rejoin duty by various contortions done repeatedly on a daily basis when the right wrist, not to be outdone, decides to go on a strike by swelling up for no earthly reason that I can see. Poor me! But what they hadn’t counted on is my having an assistant to do my bidding. Ha! The chopping of tomatoes and onions, and the crushing of ginger and garlic were all done in a jiffy by the L&M and the rest was easy-peasy..
  4. When I watch the many American shows, one thing strikes me. The teenagers are portrayed as so filled with angst, and SO VERY RUDE to their parents, and the parents are seen taking it lying down. What the heck! Are there no nice and polite teenagers ever or stricter parents? Or are they not ready to write such characters into the stories shown on OTT platforms? I mean, I know there are happy, saccharine sweet teenagers in the comedy sitcoms, but like why not a few normal ones in the other shows? Or maybe I am seeing all the wrong shows. Who knows!
  5. I just received a forward saying today is Charlie Chaplin’s birthday (It is not, I know), followed by a few of his quotes, a whole lot of the usual nonsense of ‘positive’ thought and messages compiled from here and there, making it all quite a long and too syrupy sweet a trip. I wonder at the sentiments behind people making up this sh*t, and also those reading and forwarding it.
  6. Believe me you, I am dead against the toxic positivity peddled online by almost everyone. It positively makes me gag, so I keep my distance to save myself from its poisonous effects. And yet in real life I wish some would hold their tongue and think well before blurting out their negative predictions.
  7. We think we know everything, don’t we? But as we gather more knowledge, as our horizons expand, and as we grow older, we realize there is so much – a tremendous lot – we do not know. If that does not happen, if you still think you know EVERYTHING, it only means you are a conceited and foolish old whatchamacallit who needs a kick in the rear. No doubts about it. And it is a pity that I cannot do the honors for fear of breaking those old bones. But understand, the sentiment prevails.
  8. My world is so limited now with no live interaction with new people. No travel means nothing new is happening. When will we return to a normal life? Will we ever go back to the old normal? If this is how I feel, I cannot imagine what the younger ones are feeling about life in general in these pandemic times. I feel really sorry for them.
  9. I am reading Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari. Rather, I am listening to it on audible and thoroughly enjoying the experience. More about it in some future post.
  10. And finally, my mission has been accomplished. The reason behind planting and nurturing the Mussaenda had not been merely to enjoy its lovely flowers. It was an open invitation to the butterflies and birds to gather. I saw a Southern Birdwing hovering over the flowers one day. And much to my delight, a Purple-rumped Sunbird and its mate were drinking deep of its nectar today. I am betting they will spread the word around and I will have more visitors to look forward to.

On that happy note, Ten Though Tuesday rests.

© Shail Mohan 2021