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Hello there! Do you remember me?

In case you have forgotten, I am the founder and owner of this blog space, Shail’s Nest and go by the moniker, Shail. Yes, the same one who has been boring readers since 2006 on Yahoo 360! and continuing as strong as ever in circa 2020 on WordPress with a brief stopover at Sulekha in between.

I have been AWOL. Not because I had/have nothing to write. Plenty of words hidden up my sleeve and more of ’em thronging the insides of my head, also tucked away in barrels in my heart, not to mention those I have stuffed in my mouth, raring to pop out. Where else to offload them than here, my space as it were!

Confession time: Yup, I am afflicted with verbal diarrhea. That’s what the L&M told his brother once, that he, the brother, has ‘verbal diarrhea’ aka talks a lot. Ooops, I am letting out family secrets and I can only hope I won’t get a rap on my knuckles for that. Just kidding. You really think I will stand around with my knuckles showing, waiting to be rapped on them? Not happening. No way, Jose.

So getting back to the verbal diarrhea bit. Mine is not the brother-in-law’s kind. I don’t go around talking the ears off people, well… the L&M’s maybe, but only when I have something to say about gender issues, and/or the present government, at which time I go into overdrive. In my defense, he officially signed up for it three decades and more back. All he can do now is grin and bear it, grinning being optional.

The verbal diarrhea I have is the kind where I offload torrents of words on paper….I mean virtual paper. The other kind where one does it with pen, pencil, paper and things like I have left way far behind. In fact I can’t even do a proper signature these days. On cheques. Not that I need to sign a lot of them not having enough funds in my account or being important enough to have to sign off other people’s money, and also by choice being more of the plastic money kind of person.

Sheesh! I seem to be going off-topic more and more. That is, more than I usually do. So yes, verbal diarrhea. You only have to start at the beginning and scroll through all my posts to know just how serious is my affliction. Take this post for instance. If this is not an example of verbal diarrhea, tell me what is? Have I said anything, anything much at all about anything particular, here? Nyet. Zilch. And yet I could go on and on…. jumping in and out, over and under, and through topics that come into my head fleetingly even as I write . I am not doing so, going on and on, for obvious reasons: To not scare away the few readers I still hold on to! 😉

One last note: How are you all doing in the times of Covid-19? I hope each one of you is fighting fit, breaking the chain and staying indoors as much as possible. Head over here for comic relief whenever the mood hits. But of course it will not always be fun and games. There will be potshots at unnamed people too. Times are such. There are too many swearing by the new clothes of the emperor, and naturally, I don’t collaborate with their kind, only take aim and let loose some fire… the kind I have, words.

© Shail Mohan 2020