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Sometime back a friend of mine said this of me, that I take enough time to mull things over, at least a minimum of six months he opined, and THEN, in his own words, “she comes out with something ‘telling’ about people or incidents which either makes it to her blog page or goes up as an update on Facebook.”

I admit I don’t know this young man any too well, have interacted with him even less, and yet there he was making an astute observation about me which even those who have known me long, or even those living in close proximity to me have been unable to catch. Yes, I do take my own sweet time, polish my thoughts, argue from both sides of any issue, try to poke holes in my own conclusions et al, and then, ONLY THEN do I vocalize it, or in this case put it on my blog or as a Facebook update..

Now, there are some who think otherwise, that I come out with my guns blazing as soon as they open their mouths (on what grounds?!), and that my “outbursts” are aimed at them (earlier question repeated). Don’t ask me on what basis anyone can claim that when they have said NOTHING original/unique, but only what has been going round and round since ages and on which I have as much right to make observations as anyone else without anyone taking umbrage.

The truth is I am not your shoot-your-mouth-at-the-drop-of-a-hat type of person and am certainly NOT interested in the personalities involved, the sole interest being the topic that has excited/excites my brain enough to dwell on it and throw up observations (witty or not), queries or plain tongue-in-cheek responses. So for those of you who read my utterances (or anyone else’s anywhere in the world who have views contrary/critical to yours) and take it as reacting to you personally, here is a #shailism (for more click here) I came up with:

If the shoe fits wear it by all means, but don’t flatter yourself that they have been made exclusively for you. There are millions of others with the same shoe size and the shoe manufacturers have all of them in mind while making and putting them up for sale.

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