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There was rain the day before. A pleasant diversion from the obsession with the virus doing the rounds. But now we are back to feeling the heat. Summer has reasserted itself, sent the errant Dark Clouds packing. ‘Thousands of Thundering Typhoons!!!‘, it said, borrowing from Captain Haddock’s vocabulary. ‘What the heck do YOU think YOU are doing here …in the middle of March too?!‘ The Dark Clouds, who had already done their mischief, pissed liberally over wherever/whatever they set eyes on, scurried away doubled over in helpless mirth, inordinately pleased at having been a pain-in-you-know-where to the Mighty Summer at its peak..

The non-too-pleased Summer meanwhile is trying to recover lost ground by heating things up even more. Humans are going around sweating like pigs. By the way, that’s a comparison I will have to take at face value having never seen a pig sweat. Anyway, though humans are feeling the heat, it is unknown whether The Virus is doing any such thing. It is going around merrily all around the planet bringing life as we know to a standstill.

What is in store for us in the coming days? Are things/life as we know going to change? Will life ever be the same again? These are questions every one is thinking of in some way or other. Some feel they have answers. Others are desperate for answers. Right now, humanity’s future is said to be dependent on social distancing and hand-washing, the only way at our disposal to beat the spread of the virus. But some don’t really care and are going around putting everyone else in danger.

In the meantime, I am thinking deeply of something too. The cartons of ice-cream at the store. I give voice to my thought to the L&M.

Me: I wish I had got one carton of ice-cream…
L&M: What? Didn’t the doctor advise you against having cold things? This is no time to take risks and fall sick.
Me: But what if I am gonna die? I might as well have some ice cream first and then die!!!

L&M laughs out loud. He finds it funny that I am using possible death as an excuse for ice-cream. I laugh with him. I find myself funny too, all the time in fact. But seriously, one never knows, right? I still think I really should have got myself one. 😉

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