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If you remember I wrote about the first B some time back. Now it is time to talk of the second B which – unlike the first B where I have been to a number of times – I am yet to visit.

One day last year, the Second Born called to say he was going for a job interview to Belgrade. I have already told you how I have become something of a geography nerd in recent times. Still I asked him where Belgrade was. I mean I had heard so much of the place through movies watched and books devoured – so much of the action seemed to be centered in and around Belgrade in them – but with the boundaries being drawn and redrawn in that part of the world (or am I thinking of some other part?), I thought it prudent to verify.

Serbia, said the son. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. If not every person, at least every other person to whom I mentioned the name have asked me, ‘Your son is going to Siberia? But WHY??!’ You bet in the next few days I spent time reading up on Serbia, the people, food et al. I was so excited, more so than my son. And as yet it was only a call for an interview. But what the heck. I am not one who lets such small considerations stop her from thinking ‘big’. In my mind he already got the job and I was going around seeing the place with him!

What’s wrong with a little bit – or even a great bit – of daydreaming, I ask you? It’s not as if I’d sit around moping if he didn’t get the job. Oh no, I am not that kind of daydreamer. I dream because dreaming is such fun. If things don’t pan out, I just say ‘Oh, well. That didn’t work out. No worries!’ and life just goes on.

So where were we? Yeah, the Second Born was poised to leave for his interview and I was all excited for him …and for myself too. Everything went super well. He got the job. Yay! Now something interesting about the interview. He was asked how his parents would feel about his having to move to Serbia. Apparently one of his new colleague’s mother had begged them not to take up the job. She didn’t want her offspring to move to far away Serbia. The Second Born said, ‘Oh, my Mom is already packing her bags, I think. She is more excited about me working here!’ Or something on similar lines.

Here are some pictures:

Picture of a dog, because well, mom likes dogs!
He’s going to take mom here, because …birds!

It has been almost a year now. Of course he was home in between, for Christmas, as were the First Born and the DIL. And sometime this year it will be my turn to go visit him! πŸ˜€

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