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When you are doing an all-month-er there comes a day sooner or later when you are lost for words. Hmm… not the right choice of words because…. words are aplenty. What really happens is you don’t know what to write about on that particular day. You have topics lined up, you go through them one by one …and reject them all.

Naah, not this one, I’ll write on it another day. Umm… not that one, not in the mood today. Let’s see the next one. Uh-ho. It needs the right pictures and I have to search the files for them. No time for that. Next! This one seems right, but is this a topic to write without thinking things through? The other one… hmm, it needs more research.

You get the picture. Suddenly I have become quite a Miss Nit-picky. Not this, not that, not the other or the next become the keywords. And what’s more, apparently, I have also split in two. There’s a Me One putting forward topics, and a Me Two rejecting them all. What then, asks Me One in exasperation when the nth one doesn’t find favor. Damned if I know, Me Two responds irritably.

Uh-ho. This is trouble! Will there be a post at all today?

Where these two are pretty social with each other as a rule on most days, there are occasional spats like this one. There’s nothing for me to do but wait for them to fight it out and decide to be friends again. It usually doesn’t take long. Twenty-four hours at the most before they see reason and decide to work together as one as Me Whole.

In the meantime, rumor has it that Me One is going to go on her own on this one, making a post of documenting the spat, thereby thumbing her nose at fussy Me Two ….which means my post is ready. Hurrah!

Note: Yeah, no one can write nonsense better than me! 😉

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