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You have heard/read about the-dog-ate-my-homework excuse? I wonder if you have ever heard (or read) about the-dog-did-not-let-me-blog excuse? Well, it is not really an excuse. Unlike the former, this is not made up stuff but the truth. Here I am, trying to write a post, but the dog says I cannot. Well, not in so many words perhaps, but says it, she does.

Reproachful stares are directed at me, and pitiful whimpers in the I-want-my-mommy-to-give-me-her-undivided-attention-NOW sort of way of hers follow. Do you want to go out? I ask her, opening the door. She looks away. Not going out. Okay. So what is it that you want? This is a riddle I have to solve as soon as I can or else no writing will get done today.

I tell the dog in conciliatory tones: Come here, sit next to my chair. I am hoping a few pats in between typing a few sentences should do the trick. She won’t budge though, and continues sitting just beyond my reach. Her unspoken command, ‘You get up from your chair, and come to me and give me your undivided attention.’ Undivided attention is the keyword here.

‘Now you are being unreasonable!’ I tell her trying a different approach. ‘You know this is MY time, the end of the day when you and dad sleep, and I have some quiet time to myself. You know this is when I write, right? So what’s this you-attention-seeker-you? She merely turns her back to me. Her face is facing the other way, and yet I know it’s looking sad and mournful.

There is no way out of this. Besides, I am her minion, always ready to do her bidding, whatever the cost. Blog posts can wait. I push my chair back and watch as she immediately perks up. As soon as my hand touches her head, she falls back, letting me run my hands all over her back. Thirty seconds later, she is snoring. It is no different than making a baby fall asleep. I quietly get up, pull my chair backwards noiselessly, seat myself also noiselessly, and start typing……

© Shail Mohan 2020