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August is done and dusted.

September is here and so am I.

So where were we?

Ahh. The travel bug had bit me and I simply vanished. ‘Twas not like it, the bug I mean, bit off a considerable chunk from the fleshy part of my anatomy rendering me incapacitated. The bite was small, but left me raw and smarting. So I packed my bags, took a flight, and landed at the doorstep of the son and the d-i-l aka the daughter in law.

And guess what. After having a good time over there, I am now back, a new me!

No, no, no, no. I don’t mean all relaxed and refreshed, ready to slip back into my boring life in my even more boring hometown. I meant I got a new haircut which actually has brought the shape of my face back into focus. I had almost forgotten that I have what they call, a heart-shaped face.

Big city, better stylists, I guess. Anyway, I got the result I wanted. Not that I hadn’t tried getting the same result in my place. Whatever I said they’d nod and then give me their botched up version of it. So I hit upon this idea. Give me the military cut, I used to tell them. That they understood very well and gladly obliged.

Anyway, people with a head full of thick growing curls, like me for instance, shouldn’t really worry about haircuts or styles. Ultimately, when the hair starts growing even a teeny-weeny little bit, the best of styles go out the window and we end up looking the same, like golliwogs.

P.S. The use of ‘boring’ to describe my hometown was merely a little bit of drama on my part to spice up my post. I love this place and the quiet life we lead. Plus, doesn’t it look beautiful from the air too?

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