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To plug one’s work comes easy to some, not so very much, to others. That’s actually quite okay. To each, their own. We are all different people and have our different abilities, or inabilities, as the case may be.

The problem arises when those who cannot promote their work due to whatever reason – their quiet nature perhaps, shyness, or simply laziness and/or lack of good ideas to drum up custom, or even not having a large friends circle to spread the word – accuse those who are adept at boosting their chances as being publicity-hungry/crazy.

Hello! Like, really?

Until and unless someone’s way of advertising their work inconveniences and incapacitates you personally – like taking away that plate of food from your table or the roof from above your head or… well, you get the drift – there shouldn’t be any problem. I am willing to concede using a loudspeaker in your vicinity to sell their work also constitutes an offence.


Just because you are the kind who disdains publicity – or at least outwardly give the impression of disdaining it – it does not warrant that others give up what they are good at. If we have limitations, isn’t it better to capitalize on those very limitations or at the very least be aware of them and accept that’s who we are and let things be?


Somehow in all this Looking Down The Nose At Those Who Do Things Differently From Me business, I am reminded of sour grapes. Or am I thinking of green monsters?! Hmmm….

© Shail Mohan 2019

P.S. As travel beckons, I’ll be taking a break once again. Be back next week to ‘bore’ you all!