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A couple of weeks back, WordPress reminded me of my twelfth anniversary of blogging. That though is only partially true. I have now been blogging for thirteen years plus some months. About one year into my first year of blogging at Yahoo, having heard rave reviews about the WordPress platform, I opened an account with WordPress and famously, forgot all about it.

The following year, Yahoo blogs folded up, and I wandered over to Multiply, Livejournal, Sulekha et al before finally deciding to start afresh at WordPress. Yup, the rave reviews! That’s when I was gently reminded by WordPress that I already owned an account with them. All I needed to do was sign in and start writing. And that’s exactly what I did.

Thirteen years (and a few months) is indeed a long time. What the heck have I been going on and on about all these years?! Am I still the same? Have I evolved? Do I still believe the same things? Which of my views/opinions have changed?

Well, there’s surely no need for me to wonder. The journey, from a newbie blogger to a (supposedly) veteran blogger, is documented and on display right here in these blog pages for anyone to see. All I (or anyone else interested) has to do is to go through them to find out. May be I will, one of these days.

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