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The other day we, the First Born and I stopped at the Stanford Mall as he wanted to shop for some clothes. You want anything, Mom? he asked. I shook my head. I waited a few minutes and then told him, I want to click some pictures. I will be outside. I had seen some really lovely flowers where we entered and I badly wanted to capture them. And the FB tells me, Okay, but don’t click too many. I swear he said that, as if I might hurt the flowers by clicking them. Haha.

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I don’t know the names of most of them. But they were a feast for eyes, I tell you. There were flowers of all hues, sizes and shapes. In fact, it was not just me, most everyone passing that way were pausing to capture them. Young girls were striking cute poses next to the flowers, while the young men smiled and clicked. I saw a middle-aged couple walk out of a store. The woman fell a few steps behind as she stopped to admire the flowers. Then she ran ahead, tapped the man on his back, made him come back and click a picture of hers with the flowers in the background.

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The mood around the flowers was so infectiously cheerful. There were smiling faces everywhere. It was difficult to say who was more joyful: the people for beholding such beauty or the flowers for being so admired. Of course, I did not click the people. So I cannot show you their happy faces. But, the flowers, they DO look happy, don’t they?

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