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Having had enough of lazing around on a Sunday morning, I decided to get down to doing something worthwhile. Maybe I should fold the clothes, or load the washing machine once again? Or maybe I should write a new post? I was inclined to settle for the last as my first choice. Accordingly I switched on the laptop …..and went out to the balcony to stand and stare at my surroundings.

And what should meet my eye than the bright colors of a Common Jezebel on the lantana camara!

Prioritize!” My brain screamed. “Butterflies don’t wait around while you finish chores, or write posts!”

So, thoughts of posts, clothes and washing machines were unceremoniously thrown out  in a jiffy, along with the doctor’s orders that on no account shall I risk falling. I quickly turned and ran into the bedroom, grabbed my camera and ran back to the balcony. Luckily the butterfly was still there. Hallelujah!

Common Jezebels are found wherever there are trees, I have read, even in towns and cities, flying high among the trees and visiting flowers. Trees are plenty around my house. And yet, this is only the second or third time I was seeing one. The last time I saw (and photographed) one was quite a while back. Ixora flowers had been the lucky hosts then. I assumed they looked down upon the lantana flowers considering I had never seen them among the throng fluttering around the bush. Apparently I was wrong about that because here was the Jezebel today, romancing the lantana and letting me document it too.


©Shail Mohan 2018