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There are two kinds of people. Nah, scratch that. There are many kinds, of course. What I meant by my opening sentence was when it comes to searching for something – and here I mean the tangible somethings – there are only two kinds: The ones who look through their belongings in an orderly manner, or as nearly in an orderly manner as possible even when the matter is of utmost urgency, and ones who, whether there is urgency or not, rush in tornado-like leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. Which sort are you?

No prizes for guessing the L&M and I are in opposite camps when it comes to looking for lost somethings.  I am more inclined towards the orderly search, rarely disturbing anything. If I do have to plunge in and move things around in my search, I first give the contents of the drawer or cupboard a quick glance so I can put them all back where they were. When time is short or if I am not sure how things go back, I leave them all neatly in a pile on a table or bed for the one to whom it belongs to put it back as per their wishes.  The L&M though uses a much simpler method. He simply plunges in and pushes everything around leaving it all in complete disarray.

The other day I realized I hadn’t taken my hospital card just as we were about to get into the car. Oh bother. Now we’d have to unlock the house and I’d have to go upstairs. When I was about to get out, the L&M gallantly offered to get it.  After all he’d be much quicker. So I told him where the card was, in the drawer of the cupboard in my room. Point to be noted, Readers.

Minutes ticked by and the L&M wasn’t back. This was supposed to be Operation In-A-Jiffy, not Operation What’s-Taking-You-So-Long. Just as I was wondering if he had lost his way going upstairs he called out to say there was no card in the drawer. Mysterious!

Now everyone knows where the cards are kept in my house. Well, I don’t mean the ‘everyone’ everyone, but rather ‘everyone-in-my-house’ everyone. So why couldn’t he find it? It is there, I hollered back from down below, in the maroon wallet in the drawer of the cupboard. He hollered right back. There is no maroon wallet in the drawer.


Of course, it had to be there unless it had grown legs or wings to move out on its own.  Even then it would have been a difficult task considering the doors of the cupboard was kept closed always. Yes, I agree, it could have grown hands too to pry open the doors. If legs, why not hands, eh? But I digress into the realms of fantasy while the mission on hand was of a practical nature, namely Find Maroon Wallet And The Card Therein.

Nothing for it, but to go upstairs and check myself. But then something occurred to me and my heart sank. Oh no. OH NO!!! It couldn’t be, COULD IT? Trying to keep the tremble out of my voice I called out: Just which drawer are you looking in? His reply was quick. The drawer of your table.

I let out a sigh of despair. You Dear Readers know, I had said nothing. NOTHING AT ALL about any table whatsoever. But perhaps you are wondering why I was so upset. Here it is in a nutshell… umm and by that I mean the larger, coconut shell.

The ‘ecosystem’ of my table drawer is a delicately balanced one unlike the robust one of my cupboard drawer. It contains things like hard disks (one of them old and not working and which I am not sure why I am still keeping), bits and pieces of paper in which I have noted down (to me) important things, charging wires of my Kindle, phone, iPod, Fitbit, you name it, and the iPod itself with the ear pods, instruction manuals for sundry things, a brand new watch which I stopped wearing because I now use the Fitbit band, some cash which needed to be transferred to my handbag but I hadn’t as yet, letters from banks already read, but kept for reference, but not yet filed, old bills I wanted to check and throw out but hadn’t got down to, a brand new cloth bag, a measuring tape kept handy, a pretty pink ribbon that came wrapped around a gift which I found too pretty to throw away, a button which had come off one of my tops I needed to stitch back, a power bank, a multi-plug, my medicine for hypertension, calcium tablets, keys, Luci’s chain with her picture on the locket, a pen, a couple of batteries… You get the picture.

No, there aren’t any elephants lurking inside, in case you were wondering and there’s a good reason for it. Those chancing upon my table drawer may jump to the conclusion -prematurely I assure you –  that I am a sloppy whatchamacallit. Far from it. I know exactly what the drawer contains and where each item is.  But the ‘ecosystem’ being the way it is, delicate, it can be handled ONLY by yours truly without ramifications. Unfortunately, there was the L&M, a confirmed member of Team Tornado with his hands in it.

I shuddered in horror at the picture.

Drawer of the table?!!!!! But I said ‘drawer of the cupboard’!!!!! I cursed myself under my breath for not having gone upstairs myself.

But I was looking in the drawer of the table! He sounded miffed, as if it was my fault he hadn’t listened to what I said. Ahh, the injustice of it!

Soon though, the L&M found the maroon wallet and the card exactly where I said it would be and we were on our way. All the while, I tried not to think of the state of my table drawer. Higgledy-Piggledy, no doubt. Its ‘ecosystem’ disturbed, destroyed, blown to smithereens, I was sure. On returning, I found I indeed had my job cut out for me.

If that wasn’t enough, this also happened. Two days back, I had a catch in my shoulder and was rendered immobile. Up rushed the Gallant Knight Minus Armor to my aid, took one look at me in pain and lunged for the sideboard drawer with medicines in it. He put his hand in right towards the back, and here I am not exaggerating the least bit, pulled everything forward and started rummaging for the tablets that were right under his nose.

Sigh. That makes two of them to set right.

You know what. Getting things back to order in a delicate ‘ecosystem’ is an art that requires a lot of time and patience, and a lot of thought too, like whether the now defunct hard disk needs to be thrown out (or if someone will come along and retrieve its contents for me), should the safety-pin stay here or be moved to the dressing table, or just where the pink ribbon should go, with the wrist watch or behind the manuals. Decisions, decisions! Now you know why you haven’t seen me around for so long 😉

©Shail Mohan 2018