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Today is the first day….. of the rest of this month. And I am back, ready to pull an all-month-er. This is nothing new at Shail’s Nest. In the past few years it has been happening with regularity, three or four times a year, whenever the mood strikes, and time permits (sometimes when time is at premium too). Sadly, this year’s landscape lies barren, free of clusters of all-month blogging dotting the land, except for the lone Ramblings in February in the second month of the year. So I decided to join Ruchi of Kalam Kaari in her September Musings.

Ruchi by the way, wasn’t Ruchi, in the days I knew her first. She was just a fat cat. I mean, her display picture was that of Garfield the cat, and the moniker she went by was, Kamikaze Cat. I called her Ze Cat and she addressed me as Ze Lady. I knew practically nothing about her other than that she was quite young, may be as old as one of my children. With nothing to go on except a cat picture, I had to leave it to my imagination to create a picture of this young girl. What it came up with was a face that resembled that of a kitten, a kitten minus whiskers and ears sticking out on top of her head, but with plenty of curls tumbling down to her shoulders.

Funny isn’t it, how one conjures up faces when one doesn’t have a picture to go with a name? And then when finally the big reveal happens, you sometimes find you are off the mark. A couple of years went by before the Kamikaze Cat moniker was discarded by Ruchi. The picture of Garfield also came down and instead there was this beautiful young girl with straight hair. No curls. But the resemblance to a naughty kitten…, well, I was not wrong about that at least. I am not surprised though since she is a cat-lover. But then she loves Luci too (Who doesn’t?) and had come home to meet her. Not me, I am afraid. *sob sob*


Luci and Ruchi

Of course, there’s more to Ruchi than the little I have written here (you can always find out more from her blogs), but suffice to say at this point that that’s who I have joined up with for the month long blogging. Ruchi has opted to crowd-source prompts for her posts. And I, as usual, will be doing my own thing. Between the pair of us we are going to go a-Musing all over the place, on all sorts of things, all of September. Anyone else interested is welcome to grab the badge and start writing as well.

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