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This is a first. Bulbuls, Oriental Magpie Robins, Rufous Treepies, and even a White-cheeked Barbet have all gone and done it, gatecrashed Shail’s *nest* (the real one, not the virtual), and had their pictures taken (They think I run a photo studio!). ‘IF bulbuls, robins, treepies and barbets can, why not a Greater Coucal?’  so thought the Greater Coucal, probably. So, transforming thought into action, it flew right in, into the kitchen, of all places. The house-help found the bird sitting on the stove (which thankfully was off). Why? Did it want to make breakfast for itself? Your guess is as good as mine.

On seeing the house-help (with her paraphernalia of cleaning articles, the broom, the mop, the works) the agitated bird flew into the hall. ‘Mummyyyy! where am I? What have I got myself into?! I want out, like NOW!’ It then ensconced itself behind a wooden almirah, after first upsetting a vase and a plant on the window sill, and promptly started banging against the closed window in an attempt to get back to the wild open spaces beckoning  so invitingly from just beyond the glass panel.


But… (But always butts in!)

No bird has yet perfected the art of flying through solid glass panels (no humans either). So the poor Coucal’s attempt failed, agitating the bird still further. Not to mention the sight of the paparazzi standing a few feet away with phone in hand! The poor bird. Fortunately for the bird, once a couple of pictures were taken, the paparazzi withdrew. She had to get it to the press as soon as possible, didn’t she? Before she rushed off though, she didn’t forget to leave the door invitingly open. Then, the knight-minus-shining-armor aka the L&M, helpfully encouraged the bird to move in the right direction by tapping on the almirah from the opposite end.

Out jumped the bird from its hiding place right on to the fruit basket, espied the open door and flew off. And can you believe it, all through this we managed to fool the dog into ‘looking the other way’ by telling her tales of imaginary birds and dogs and cats waiting to meet up with her?  😀

©Shail Mohan 2018