The fact of the matter is I am not really in a mood to write today. But I can’t just not-write because I am not in the mood, right? Moods, as everyone knows are crazy, erratic things no sane person ought to pay any attention to. Get behind me thou Moods! Let me get on with what I love doing without your wily ways of derailing.

Incidentally, it is not as if I have nothing to write. Everyday during my walks I plan to write about this, that or something else, all pretty mundane interesting stuff, I assure you. Ditto during showers. It’s the water me thinks, lets ideas swell and explode. Anyways… Come evening, and dinner done, I play my customary few games of Scrabble (while listening to my favorite songs) online. Just about then the crafty Mood silently, and slyly, slinks in changing everything.

Instead of getting down to writing, I go (and interestingly this happens only when I am NOT blogging all month): Well, that’s it. I am going to call it a day. I am so done for the dayTomorrow is good enough to write what I want to. Yup, nothing wrong with tomorrow. Best day ever, tomorrow! Tomorrow, here I come!

The temptation to pick up my phone, plonk on my comfy bed and play the couple of word games I am interested in and gently fall asleep, is irresistible. Alternatively it could be that the book I am reading is what beckons in that seductive come-hither way that books have and every book-lover knows better than to fight.

Sigh. Procrastination tactics all, good and proper. That’s what these are. Games and books can have their time AFTER the writing is done too. All this makes one wonder where all those lessons dinned into us as children by the nuns back in school, not to mention parents at home, of ‘never putting off till tomorrow what you can do today’ have gone? Gulp. I just remembered. I am a parent and am guilty of trying to do some of the dinning myself.  Yet, here I am procrastinating like nobody’s business. And that’s a fact.

©Shail Mohan 2018

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