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Ten Thought Tuesdays are fun. I enjoy writing them. So why I haven’t been doing them oftener? Something for me to ponder. In the meantime here goes the thoughts for the week:

  1. One of the things about looking at the world from a quirky angle (and putting it all out on social media) is that you end up wanting to pull out your hair and yell, “That’s not what I said!” (Yup, this was up on Facebook before it made it here)
  2. Have you noticed how people who are regulars in commenting or interacting with you (either here or on Facebook) suddenly go missing? Do you wonder where they are? I do. What has happened to them? Is everything okay? There is one who was among the earliest readers of my blog. Her blogs were funny, written from her dog Missy’s viewpoint. She had another dog called Minute Maid. Where are they? I miss all three of them.
  3. One day I was having a friendly exchange with someone on a Facebook update of mine. We comment back and forth having fun. I then type out an interesting trivia related to the topic of our conversation. Out of the blue she responds to it by saying she has her own views, the right to express them and no one can stop her. I was shocked into silence by this unwarranted aggression from someone I considered a friend. And umm… since when did sharing an interesting trivia about some tribes who color their faces amount to stopping someone’s freedom to express themselves on MY Facebook page? I have still not found an answer to that one.
  4. Today was a bright sunny day, blue skies and all. But how long before I miss rain? Not too long. I am, already.
  5. My dog has my daily actions mapped! Before going downstairs for dinner I go to the washroom. Luci follows me there. I suppose she wants to make sure I don’t disappear down the drain. On days I walk straight towards the stairs, she is already half way into the washroom because well, umm… isn’t that the routine? When she discovers she’s got it wrong, she rushes out to join me lead me downstairs.
  6. Why are men such entitled jerks? A young man goes to a woman’s house, insists on talking to her (He has been stalking her for over a month because of which she had even stopped going to her workplace according to reports), when finally the door is opened, douses her with petrol and sets her on fire. She has succumbed to her burns. The mother and sister who tried saving her have also sustained burns. Such men (and there are TOO VERY MANY of them) think the woman for whom they have feelings should reciprocate at all costs. Like hell! Does the woman have no say in any of this? Will someone put some sense into these @$$%#*&^!
  7. I read this in an Alexander MacGall Smith Novel: “And it was important, he thought, to understand that the last thing that the unhappy wish to be reminded of is the greater unhappiness of others. Telling a person with toothache that there are others with greater toothache than their own was no help at all.” How very true! I am going to wish toothache on those who don’t get it (and tell me there are worse things).
  8. My reading has been at a snail’s pace this year. I can’t seem to understand why. Where did the days/hours/minutes go? Mystified.
  9. Why do people send you ‘forwards’ without finding out where you stand on the issue? I am not reticent about my views. It is out there for all to see. And yet someone sent me a downright nauseating ‘forward’ ridiculing affirmative action. I put a a stop to it right away. Not for me excuses like, ‘I’d like to keep my friends’ or ‘I don’t want to disrupt my relation with my family members’. If you shove your views down my throat (whoever you are), then you must be ready to hear what I have to say too. If we part ways based on that, so be it. In fact, a nice clean group was broken up because one of them started bringing their propaganda material into it.
  10. This year has been good travel-wise. Wonder what the next year has in store for me?

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