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Some nights find me sleepless and raring to go. It probably has something to do with my brain not knowing whether it is day or night. I can almost imagine the cells having the following conversation.

Hey wake up buddies. It’s morning!

Shut up! Just as I was just about to drift off after being up all day.

Can’t be. She just brushed her teeth. It gotta be morning.

Duffer! People brush their teeth in the mornings and at night.

And she had a bath too, just now. It HAS to be morning.

Don’t be a fool. She always has a bath before bed too.

She’s at her comp writing…..

Gawd! Who recruited young bungler and party?!  

Go easy on the kid. This batch is new….

Brush, bath, work…. Start of a day, right?

Nope, you nincompoop. Misleading the rest of us too! No wonder we have been wide awake.

Erm… sorry.  From now on I’ll base my calculations on other stuff.

©Shail Mohan 2017