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I have not been updating my blog because

  1. I have nothing to say
  2. I have plenty to say but am confused which to choose in what order
  3. Luci chewed my laptop
  4. I am too depressed and am waiting for my spirits to lift and soar to start writing
  5. There is too much housework that I am exhausted by the end of it all to think of updating my blog
  6. I think blogging is boring
  7. I watch too much television
  8. I am too busy playing card games on my mobile phone
  9. I have other priorities like checking Fitbit every five seconds to see how many steps I have covered in those five seconds
  10. My schedule has gone all haywire having returned from one journey and mentally already in the next (Yay!) and the next and the next…. (Calls for more Yays)

Hmm… That seems to have come out all wrong because

  1. Says who? I have plenty to say!
  2. Confused and me? You gotta be joking. Umm… I gotta be joking, I mean.
  3. How can I ever slander my beautiful girl? She wouldn’t chew my laptop if I gave it to her barbecue-flavored.
  4. With the weather being the way it is (there’s a pleasantly cool wind blowing that makes you want to dance along with the swaying trees) who can ever feel depressed? Not me, siree.
  5. Hahaha. That’s actually a joke. If I am caught with too much on my plate, I know the best thing to do and that is to do perfectly nothing till it sorts itself out.  Just kidding. But seriously, there is just enough work to do, not more, not less.
  6. Who said that? WHO SAID THAT? Call the firing squad and have them shot. Oh no, no, no. It is ME who said it. Please don’t. If you do call (and I am shot), I’ll be the first to be killed at my own orders I bet. Not funny at all.
  7. As if. I DISLIKE what’s shown on television with a passion. The screaming Arnab and the army of clones he has spawned, not to mention the humorless ‘comedy’ shows. *Shudder*
  8. Errr…. maybe…!
  9. Umm… could be…!
  10. Sigh… perhaps… I mean, yes!

Gawd, I am being dictated to and controlled by an exercise app and when it is done with me, I let myself be hypnotized by a game app. The last one on the list though I cannot help, but that doesn’t mean the blog gets neglected. So yeah, travel and blogging are going to go hand in hand. I am going to try my darnedest best to stop being lazy and make that happen.

Hmm… I wonder, is this a substandard post? 😉

©Shail Mohan 2017

Daily Prompt: Substandard