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One of my favorite time-wasting activities is to arrange, rearrange, re-rearrange, re-re-rearrange (you get the drift, don’t you?) the songs in my music collection.

If I have something better to do, especially when I have something better to do, and little time to do it in, unfailingly I turn to the one thing that’s more urgent than anything else: arranging songs in new permutations and combinations in newly created playlists and folders.

The thrilling fallout of this pleasing (to me!) activity is how it unearths songs I haven’t listened to in a long, long time. Not only can I start listening to them in repeat mode when that happens, but I also get the opportunity of thinking up new ways the songs can be listed and accommodated in new folders. Yay!

Naturally so, I can be at it for hours together and still be good for another round with no boredom in sight. It also takes my mind conveniently off whatever needs immediate attention, like the credit card bill to be paid, the grocery to be ordered, the mail to be answered, the post to be written and so on.

So there I was today morning, pleased and almost content with my latest arrangements/ folders/playlists when a friend on Facebook posted an update naming some of his playlist creations. Now my head is teeming with possibilities and I simply have to start again, rename folders, create new playlists….. See you all on the other side of some serious time-wasting. 😉

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