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I ended 2016 with a Foto Friday post and start 2017 with another. The previous year ended with the cat family. The new year begins with a baby elephant, mouth wide open to receive the big (well, not really that big for an elephant!) ball of rice from its caretaker.


The picture is from my latest visit to the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre. This time it had been to show the place to my daughter-in-law. Oh yes, I am now a MIL aka mother-in-law, a brand new one at that being just a few days short of a month old.

Now you know why the blog was gathering dust. It was not just the wedding and family-time though that kept me away. There was the bout of viral fever too. But anyway, here I am now and before you know it I’ll be back to my favorite pastime of boring the pants off the readers at Shail’s Nest! 😉

Wish me luck 😀

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