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Words I read fall off as if there wasn’t enough adhesive to make them stick to my brain. I stare at them littering the floor around me and dejectedly bend down to scoop them all up.

Looking around, I see on my table the empty purple jar with its elephant ear like huge handles and drop the gathered words carefully into it. My eyes now fall on the book and I start: the page I had been reading is totally blank.

Of course, I remind myself, the words are now safely in the purple jar …but how was I going to get them all back on to the pages of the book? What if I didn’t get the sentences right, or the sequences?

In panic I jump up, to find the sun already out and shining. A quick glance at the book on the bedside table and I sigh in relief, it had been just a dream …..but what were those things crammed into the purple jar on the table?

Β©Shail Mohan 2017


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