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So here I am on the last day of November as also the end of NaBloPoMo 2016. It has been a mixed month. Here are some revelations that the month brought me.

  1. That I am a loner (and better off that way) was brought home to me once again, forcefully.
  2. Hence it follows naturally that I don’t belong to groups, big or small.
  3. You never really know anyone however long you have known them in years. However prepared you think you are for this, it comes as a rude shock at times.
  4. That you are a fool for thinking because they are your friends they too have an open mind like yours. No, they don’t.
  5. I value my integrity over anyone or anything. So being nice at all costs is NOT for me.
  6. Give a dog a bad name and hang it, goes the saying. Well, they must surely have meant how things happen to me.
  7. No one ever asks to clear things when in doubt, whether it be real life or virtual, instead they assume, jump to conclusions, lecture you. And like a fool you get caught up in it all trying to convince them otherwise.
  8. Following from point 7, a reminder that you can NEVER make anyone understand you unless they are willing to. So just forget them. You understanding/knowing yourself is ALL THAT IS NEEDED.
  9. It is IMPOSSIBLE to write anything (controversial, tongue-in-cheek or otherwise) without someone or other getting all defensive and telling you why they don’t or do things a particular way. It is all I can do to refrain from asking, “Who the hell said it was about YOU?”
  10. Doctors are not immune to assumptions. “Doctor, this fatigue is making me feel depressed” (this left unsaid: because I want to do so much and cannot) is interpreted as a wail of ‘I have nothing to do and I am depressed, boohoo’ and so am asked if I have no friends to spend time with. Like, really? What will I do with friends when I cannot get up from my bed? How to convince people that when the fatigue goes away you are up on your own and running around happily doing whatever you want?
  11. I cannot go back to being my old self (running my home, or rather kitchen by myself), that the back problem has come to stay and I better accept the ‘help’ has come to stay.
  12. Shopping for real is exertion. Online shopping is the best thing ever. Yup, I knew it already. Just saying again.
  13. I have no patience for stupid people, willfully stupid people. Also for those irresponsible enough to spread misinformation without thought. (I knew this about myself earlier too, this is only to reiterate the fact). I WILL raise my voice against them even though people think I am not ‘nice’ for doing so. It is certainly ‘nicer’ than passing on wrong information and misleading more people.

I think baker’s dozen is a nice number and I will stop my whining ranting right here.

The next month is going to be a quiet one over here at Shail’s Nest as December usually is. I’ll be pinning up old posts mostly, but new posts may be up if/when I find the time. Thank you all for sailing with me for NaBloPoMo. Cheers!

©Shail Mohan 2016

Day 30 NaBloPoMo 2016