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When I study (from a lay person’s perspective not a botanist’s) the leaves on the different trees around, I cannot but marvel at the difference in ‘character’ as I see it.

Take the mango tree for instance. The leaves curve outwards as if to suggest they as a group are open to new suggestions. None of the ‘we are a closed society’ about them.

The tiny and pretty leaves of the tamarind tree on the other hand are deceptively easygoing all through the day, but let the sun disappear in the evening and they become all secretive, closing themselves up tightly.

The jackfruit tree leaves it would seem, are true optimists. Whichever way the branch grows in search of sunlight, the leaves always look up. The neem tree leaves are totally relaxed and chilled out as if humans on a beach while the chikoo leaves are very clannish and can be found in closely knit clusters.

I could go on, but I think I just used up the eight sentences meant for Microblog Mondays 😉

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