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They have been quiet for a while now. I cautiously open the door a crack to check what they are up to.

They are waiting outside, the bolder ones pressing close against the doorstep, almost half in, like children wanting to come in but looking for confirmation of some sort, the not-so-bold ones spread haphazardly behind, waiting for a definitive signal from those upfront (or a push from their benefactor the wind), to make a move.

I know the lull won’t last long and I need badly to put the clothes out to dry on the clothesline. The sun is so moody these days that dillydallying is not an option. I pull the door open wider and step out, and as if on cue the wind picks up, egging them on in no uncertain terms.

Encouraged thus, they rush in giggling, pushing and shoving each other playfully, scattering themselves all over the clean floor of the landing that has been recently swept and mopped to perfection. Oh well!


Luci keeping the intruders out

©Shail Mohan 2016


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