The other day on my way back from the dentist’s (yes, the same one from this post) I remarked to the L&M on how tough a dentist’s life must be, spending so many hours at work, bent over one patient after another, cutting, scraping, stitching up and so on. The L&M gave a laugh and said the amount that filled her coffers was proportionately high too.

I frowned, not liking the answer. Well, if it was, then she deserved every penny that came her way, is how I saw it. I have noticed how people in general talk about how much others earn as if it were easy pickings while I myself notice the effort they put in. A matter of perspective?

You hear a lot of talk about (for example) movie stars having an easy life. It is as if they simply have to saunter into the sets, chill and their bank account is credited with huge amounts of cash. I ask myself if I would be able to emote with a camera in my face and a watching crew/crowd around, give take after retake, laugh when I am in reality hurting and cry when I am happy? Certainly not, not even if someone offered me a free ticket to travel the earth, and mind you, I love traveling.

Of course the nature of ‘work’ is such that all of us have to put aside moods, ill-health, or our desire to chuck it all and go swimming at the beach or dance in the rain. Come to think of it, even a homemaker like me is in the same shoes (though she does not earn a penny for what she does) and has to cook, smile and serve though she might want to be on Facebook or is dying to write that story which is begging to be written.

Jokes apart, I believe everyone works hard.

(Well, some DO make heaps of money the easy way, bribes, kickbacks and such, and we are not going into that because that is a totally different matter altogether)

©Shail Mohan 2016


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