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These days my Saturdays are reserved exclusively for the dentist. Our hour and a half long sessions involve her piercing, cutting, scraping and stitching me up (during all of which she is at her solicitous best) before finally letting me off with prescription medicines and clear instructions on what I can and cannot eat, which side of my mouth to use for chewing and more.

Though it is not my idea of Saturday fun, being a strict believer in what has to be endured better be endured with fortitude (to tweak the popular idiom), I sit through it all with nary a murmur. The lack of jitters apparently did not escape the dentist for on my second visit she remarked, “You are a brave lady, Ma’am, and it makes my work that much easier!”

Well, it takes more than a dentist’s chair to scare me! Umm.. on second thoughts it should be, ‘it takes less than the dentist’s chair to scare me!’

I mean what if (WHAT IF?!!!) a spider had peeked in (or a lizard or a mouse) even as she was calling me a ‘brave lady’? At worst, I would have brought the roof down and at the very least, climbed on top of the chair going ‘ggugguggu’ [link]. What a come down that would have been, from brave lady to a lily-livered whatchamacallit. 😉

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