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Important days are remembered by some and forgotten by others. It also happens that they are remembered some times and forgotten at other times by the same person too. Everything depends on how the day is viewed by those concerned. Do they want to remember, or forget, have too many things on their mind or has amnesia taken over?

The question that arises next is, what exactly are important days?  Is it the day you were born, won first place in sack race at school, stood up for yourself and punched the bully, spent the day with your parents at your favorite park, met someone and fell in love, walked on stage to accept the certificate of merit,  flew your first kite, got your dream job, held your baby, went on a trip….?

A day need not be important to the whole world to be important  for you. Take the day you were born. It could be important only to you (may be, just may be, to your parents too?), that is, if you are one of those happy to be alive. Sometimes it can be if you aren’t too because there are so many people wishing you on Facebook, WhatsApp, over the phone and in person that you start feeling special. But if you are one of those who regrets being alive, wishes can be of no use. In that case, the important day you look forward to, the one you wait for,  is the day you can finally say goodbye to the world.

I have favorite days too. Yesterday was one of them. And no, I am not going to reveal its significance because it is quite personal. ‘Tis enough that I know about it. I don’t need to share it with anyone (other than obliquely refer to it like I am doing now). Not have to be reminded. Or wished.

Today is important too, for many. Or it has been made important by people with commercial interests at heart. Whatever. I don’t really care. What I do care is people have freedom to celebrate, waste their money, be happy, or pretend to be happy celebrating whatever they feel like without authoritarian forces coming down on them with strictures on what can be celebrated and how. Like, really? I also find it laughable the attempts to impose new significance on to the same date and thereby change it as we know it now. Pshaw. So yeah, I am sitting here laughing at all the fun and drama surrounding Valentine’s day in India.

Pssst 1. I bet you never guessed this is where I was going. I guess that makes this a true rambling post 😉

Pssst 2. No the picture above has no bearing to the post. I just wanted to show off share one from my trip to Pebble Beach, so took the liberty 😀

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