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Common Picture Wing

Common Picture Wing

After days and days of rain, and a sickly sun half-heartedly trying to regain his kingdom in the sky, today the conflict finally seems over. The sun has won and is back in all its glory. The skies look freshly laundered with pristine white clouds dotting the squeaky clean of its blue. (I am too lazy and have not downloaded that picture from my camera) The repeatedly rain-washed greenery is basking in the sunlight.

Some of the weaker ones with thinner leaves are already drooping in the heat. They will need water by evening, when, the L & M shall do the needful it being his job to water the garden, with Luci trying her best to sneak in a shower. But that’s for later in the day, in the evening, after making sure the clouds do not return in a last ditch attempt to defeat the sun and drench the earth one more time.

Chocolate Pansy

Chocolate Pansy

Right now the butterflies and birds are out, taking advantage of the sunlight. I watch a couple of Variegated Flutterers do their fluttering bit. Their weak flight makes them a pretty sight , especially when they shimmer and shine in the sunlight in that slow way of theirs. These beauties are also called Common Picture Wings. By the way it is amazing how birds and butterflies alike with the ‘common’ tag to their name look anything but common in reality. A new angle to the question ‘what’s in a name’ perhaps? Oh, I forgot to mention, so do dragonflies, look anything but ‘common’ I mean, for this beautiful creature , who is often mistaken for a butterfly, is in actual fact a species of dragonfly.


Chocolate Pansy

This reminds me of the time a butterfly had alighted on my foot. I had a tough time capturing it with the telephoto lens which I had on the camera just then. Still I somehow managed to click it, sitting on the strap of my sandal. When I shared the picture on Facebook, some of my friends were quick to respond that it could not be a butterfly, but was in all probability a moth. The reason? It was brown in color and totally dull looking. For all its dull appearance, it was in fact a butterfly called Chocolate Pansy.


Blue Tiger Moth

This is a classic example of passing judgement based on insufficient knowledge, something we do about our fellow beings as well. If someone is dressed in a particular way he/she ought to be <insert whatever is your prejudice>

Most believe that everything brown/gray or dull falls in the moth category whereas the bright and colorful ones are all butterflies. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are dull colored butterflies just as there are bright colored moths.

There is a lesson in this for all of us. Don’t fall into the trap of categorizing people (or butterflies/moths) by their outward appearance. Wait till you know them well enough to form your opinions and conclusions about who or what they are. As for differentiating butterflies and moths, the jury of experts are still fighting it out, or so I have heard. But there are indeed a few pointers available on the net for those interested, interested being the operative word here.

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