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words aren’t people-pleasers
they look you in the eye with certainty
and say, no, not today
may be tomorrow (they continue)
if we have time
or the day after
it could be a week or a month later
it depends what’s on offer

there are other things to do (they say)
not free to be strung by you
and spread out to dry on pages
with no reruns or returns

we have a life that matters
hang out with cronies,
have parties
hide in dark corners and tantalize
daring you to remember
and from the buzzing beehive, retrieve
what’s purposely hidden
oh what fun

so come tomorrow
we may have time (or not)

but here’s something
there’s a chance that we might meet
in the shower
for water
makes us sluggish and float, bloated
to pick the one you need becomes so much easier
and yet, that’s not a promise, just a pointer.

©Shail Mohan 2015

NaBloPoMo November 2015