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If you think think I have got all the time in the world to write, then you’d be oh-so-wrong. The way things are it is a miracle that I get any writing done at all. Every morning I wake up with a lot of hope. Today, I tell myself, today is that day when I am going to finish everything that’s got to be done (in the writing department). But whaddya know, woman proposes and migraine disposes.

I finish my chores for the morning and come upstairs raring to go. Lappie, here I come. That’s just about the time when Miss Migraine laughs silently and mirthlessly prior to stealthily slipping into my head. I am forced to give up even before I have started. Shutting down Lappie I spend the following hours walking around listlessly doing nothing in particular. By lunch time the mighty Missy M leaves for greener pastures as silently as she had entered (to trouble I know not whom!).

Lunch and other things follow, yeah, a nap too, filling my day to the brim till dinner time. After dinner, I promise myself, I will write. After all we old fogies have dinner quite early, at 7 p.m.. Exactly an hour later I am all set to go. But first I have to take Queen Luci for a stroll on the terrace. If you think I can get out of that one, duh, you know nothing. Not that I want to. It is a wonderful time that we spend on the terrace, Luci, me and the bats. Yes, bats. First there had only been one circling above our heads. At last count there were three big ones and a couple of smaller ones. Sometimes a few glowworms join us.

We enjoy the cool air. While I gaze at the sky and the stars and let my imagination do lots of imagining, and the bats do their batty bit, Queen Luci is busy checking the ground below for stray canines and/or felines to whom she can tell in no uncertain terms where they get off as far as she is concerned. Yeah, Warrior Queen that is she! Once she feels she has secured the premises for the night, we bid the bats and glowworms farewell and come down.

Now, I think, the time is here at last for me to sit and let those fingers tap-dance. The television can be heard from the ground floor and Queen Luci looks at me thoughtfully, wondering what her next move should be. She is reluctant to leave me and go, but leave she must as she hasn’t checked on Dadda for all of fifteen minutes. I go to my room and shut the door. I don’t want the noise from the televsion to disturb me. Five minutes later someone is whimpering outside and you can bet your bottom dollar it is not my L & M (Lord and Master). Yes, Queen Luci is back after making sure he has not been kidnapped in her absence.

I open the door and find her sitting with face downcast. Come in, I tell her, you don’t have to look so despondent. It is not as if you been banished! She gives me one of those injured looks. I have no clue what is behind the long face. Dinner, check. Stroll on terrace, check. Bowl of fresh water, check. Other bowl full with Pedigree nuggets in case she feels peckish, check. Door opened and invitation to come inside extended, check. What have I missed now? Beats me.

I have no time for her airs and graces. I go back inside and close the door. She gives me exactly five minutes, to open a new Google doc and write a title for a new post, and starts whimpering. What happens next is this: open door, invite her in, injured look, doesn’t come in, close door. This sequence plays itself out a couple of more times. Why? I have no idea though I have a sneaking suspicion that she wants me to go downstairs and watch TV with the L & M so she can have both of us under her eye at the same time.

Whatever it is, I am fed up, I tell her she can sit outside and whimper if she wants I am NOT going to open the door again. Ha. I am back in front of the laptop screen and the open google doc, trying hard to recall what it was I had been planning to write. It all seems to have vanished into thin air. But, I manage to settle down (Don’t push your memory, let it come back on its own!) and start scribbling.

I have been at it for maybe ten or fifteen minutes, when the L & M walks in. Queen Luci too is with him, wagging her tail for all she is worth, happy to be a family of three in the same room once more. Both her wards together at one place, what could be better, says her expression. She gobbles a few nuggets of dog food in her happiness, tries to dismember her soft toy. Then, when the L & M is finally in bed the next chapter begins.

Queen Luci goes and sits in front of the dressing table cupboard and starts whining. Reason? About two months back, when she was attempting to chew the head off her toy, I took it off her and kept it in the very same cupboard. It was of course returned to her the very next day. Every night since then, she sits in front of the cupboard and whines for her toy. Did I tell you she is Crazy Luci as well? Because, all the while she is doing this, the toy is right under her royal nose.

I get up, open the cupboard and tell her, “See? No toy! N.O. toy!” She gives me a look that says, ‘If you say so, fine I will humor you, but I am not really buying your story!” She gives a long suffering sigh (which should have been mine by rights!) and goes and stands next to the door to the terrace. That’s one last ditch attempt to get me to do her bidding. I don’t have the heart to deny her even though I know she only wants to go stand next to the railing and stare at the backyard. So we step out again and step back in, a matter of a couple of minutes only.

Finally, AT LONG LAST, she settles down and the sound of a duet snore fills the room. I heave a sigh of relief. Now, the time is all mine. Just then, much to my chagrin, I realize I have forgotten completely how the whole blog was supposed to go. Besides, another person is now at my side demanding to be acknowledged. Madame Sleep thinks I ought to just push the whole thing over to the next day. Now is her time, she insists. What about the book I want to read, I ask her longingly. Madam Sleep gives my question some thought and comes back with a reluctant, ‘Okay. Just for a while. After that YOU are MINE!’ The thought of being in bed with a book is irresistible. Okay, I tell her giving in, I might as well do this tomorrow.


Tomorrow is today waiting to happen all over again. Ever the optimistic, I disregard that and hope it all turns out different, like it has today. Gorblimey, I have written one thousand and two hundred odd words too!

©Shail Mohan 2015