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Last week Blogadda had asked of bloggers what love is to each of them and this was what I wrote: 

Love is….. 

…..a dog who follows you around 24×7, licks you awake every morning, takes your permission to walk out of a door that’s already open, makes you a gift of the lizard she has caught or a frog from the garden, won’t eat her food unless you have your lunch/dinner the same time, listens to you as if she understands everything you tell her (perhaps she does), pokes her nose into your suitcase on your return from a journey confident that you have something for her, sits outside your room and whimpers when you are away, wants you to break biscuits and feed her piece by piece, chases crows for you, checks why the washing machine makes such a noise, barks at the neighbor who she feels is an enemy agent in disguise, reminds you it is dinner time at 8 p.m., relaxes next to you for a nap every afternoon, is frantic when you disappear even for a moment and runs around checking all the usual spots you inhabit in the house,  and finally, goes crazy the same way each and every time you come home, whether it be after an hour of being away, or a month’s absence.

And that is just one sentence. I still have 7 more sentences left to use for Microblog Mondays if I so wanted. Errr, now only 5 left or may be that’s 4. 😉 😀 😀

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