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Yesterday we went on a wild goose chase. Well, not exactly, and certainly not literally. The search was for a place we had seen on a previous drive. But this time around it seemed to have disappeared. Perhaps it is one of those magical places that reveal itself only when the time is right and it is ready to for us.


In the meantime, we drove through sunlight dappled roads which twisted and turned occasionally, but for the most part meandered along in a fairly straight line, only rising and falling ever so gently every now and then. On either side were trees giving a tunnel-like feel at many places.



When we came out of the green tunnel, on one side could be seen mountains, and between the mountain and the road, the dry riverbed with pooled water here and there. A child could be seen splashing in the water while the mother stood guard.  At another place along the way, people could be seen washing their clothes in the water.


Things would definitely be different during monsoon. The unmistakable sound of the water gushing along would fill the ears of those driving on the road, unlike the silence we encountered.

The silence was certainly not absolute. Bird calls could be heard, but the birds were well hidden in the foliage. Capturing them would need a lot of patience (which I definitely have) and time (which I did not, yesterday). More’s the pity.

Though our destination eluded us, we I enjoyed the drive through the beautiful and quiet countryside though it yielded no result. After a while we gave up on our search and decided to turn back. It was a hot and humid day. The highlight of the return trip turned out to be a cool glass full of watermelon chunks. Ahh, just divine. Sorry, no picture of that.

So that was my Sunday. How was yours?


©Shail Mohan 2015