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Yesterday we went on another wild-goose chase. [An earlier one can be found here, and strike me pink if it doesn’t start with exactly the same sentence!] Since I am the instigator and the planner of these expeditions, I am hoping I don’t make a habit of this. Or else, the L & M is going to put his large foot down and refuse to budge on future expeditions.

Of course, it is never intentional that the chase go wild. I had a definite place in mind, but it eluded us. That’s what happens when the place is question is not well known enough to have people flocking to it. It also means that the roads are bound to be bad, and they really were bad, I tell you!

No matter. In between, I chanced upon a beautiful spot swarming with egrets and we stopped so I could take a few pictures. Hmm.. May be I should rename our drive a ‘wild-egret chase’, a successful one at that.

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