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What are the chances that someone travelling by train (a/c coach) ends up getting a window seat with a dirty/blurred/opaque/cracked glass each and every time she travels? Did I hear you say fifty-fifty? You poor ignorant, you! Though I can’t say about others in my case it is almost cent percent. I kid you not. It is a conspiracy, I tell you. And do you know why I think so? When, after seating myself and staring with dismay at the dirty/blurred/opaque/cracked glass that I have drawn in the journey-by-train lottery, I turn to the opposite side and find a window with an absolutely clean pane, so crystal clear in fact that the scenery flitting past seems surreal.

Today was no different. When I sat back to take in the surroundings after pushing my bag beneath the seat, the first thing I noticed of course was the dirt on the window pane on my side. No surprises there. I turned my head to the opposite side and again without much surprise noticed the absolutely clear one. Sigh, so what’s new?! But you know what was different today?

In spite of the dirty glass, during the journey, I managed to spot Black Drongos sitting on an electric cable somewhere before Chengannur. By the way, auto correct just told me that I should change Chengannur to Kanchenjunga. I merely smiled and politely declined. Anyways… Then later at Kottayam, I saw a couple of them birds on a branch of the big tree next to the railway station. Ha, so take that, Indian Railways! I win, in spite of the dirty/opaque windows you have been unloading on me all these years.

You know what made today a true Drongo Day? To reach my parent’s place and find a Black Drongo waiting for me on the electric cable right across the road.  The picture will have to wait for another time. It has been a really loooooooong day and it is now time to take that well-deserved rest. So, goodnight, people.



©Shail Mohan 2015