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Every night before going to bed I vow that I will write the next day’s *rambling* early enough and post it the latest, before lunch. In the morning while going about my housework, I reiterate the previous night’s decision to myself. But what happens when I am all done and ready to sit down and let those fingers do some tap dancing on the keyboard? *It* strikes me, yet again, without fail.

For a while I try ignoring it, and instead concentrate on reading some blog posts or articles online. But it only gets worse. I flip through Facebook updates that don’t need as much concentration. In between I just about manage to answer a couple of comments on my blog and also on those of friends. Next I look at the photos I have clicked, choosing those I want to post that day. But after a while even that becomes too much, and I am forced out of my chair and wander around listlessly. I pick up my camera and move to the balcony. Sadly, there are no  birds or butterflies around to hold my interest. I have clicked the ixora bunch about a thousand times already. The garlic vine has no flowers now, not that I haven’t clicked them. I have done so about two thousand times. The sun is real hot and the sky too bright for me to stay on, so I am driven back inside.

Trying to read from the novel I am presently reading on Kindle comes next, I realize, with a sinking heart, that no way is it going to happen. I sigh and give up after a few pages and decide to play my favorite game on the phone, Scramble. I am pretty good at it. A few games later, I stop. That’s not working either. The sleeping Luci is the next target. She gets lots of cuddles and hugs she does not need right then as it only succeeds in waking her from deep slumber. She gives me a couple of polite licks and goes right back to sleep.

By then I am hungry and decide to have my lunch. Once lunch is over I lay myself down for a nap. Fortunately I am able to sleep, and when I wake up, voila, the *it* is gone! Will I be able to fit in a blog before I start on my next set of duties, I wonder. Sadly not. Hence I go to make tea and get on with my next session of work.

Soon, the dog can be heard barking its head off, so loud that anyone would think it was being slaughtered. This merely signals the return of her *Dad* from office. It is then time for our, that’s the three of us, together-time. News of the day, biscuits and balls being thrown to fetch and all that. Next comes an early dinner while listening to TV anchors and the guests on their TV show screaming blue murder at each other. The scenes that unfold are worse than a fish market on its worst day. Once the dinner is done I make good my escape from this madness. I rush upstairs wanting no part of it. Now, now at last, I have the time to write that post and no *it* anywhere around too. I open the laptop….

Hmm… first let me check my Facebook notifications,.the updates from friends, play my moves on Words with Friends, check the likes on WordPress posts, read what friends have posted on their blogs, watch the videos they have shared, that article, then another, those cute cat and dog pictures/videos. Let mepost that cute picture I took of Luci’s. I haven’t updated my photo-blog today, nor the bird-blog. Done. Shared on Facebook too. What?! OMG, it is already 11 p.m.?!!! But, I have only just come upstairs after dinner! Where did time go? Phew. I better start on that post if I want to finish it before midnight.

And  I start writing… only to finish just before midnight. If only, if only *it* gave me back my mornings!

*it* = headache/migraine.


©Shail Mohan 2015