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Two weeks back I had the opportunity to meet with a few of my classmates (from post-graduation days) and their families. Last year I had written a post about how a couple of us were looking to find all twenty-five batch-mates from the 1981 batch, and trying to make a re-union happen. Whaddya know it did happen with 8 out of the 25 getting together (17 were accounted for, but the rest could not make it) in August last year. We visited the campus and also one of our teachers.

The logical next move to this had to be a get together with families included. And that is just what happened two weeks back. Once again not all of us could make it, which is quite natural with the different work schedules and commitments of each. But some of us did manage to get together  and spent the day in a houseboat, cruising the backwaters of Alleppey as also having a rocking time with speeches (all fun, pulling each others legs, not the boring kind), music, dance and more. I had a hard time actually being torn between the desire to click the beauty (and the birds) outside and the fun and laughter inside. But the after-lunch hours were spent in relaxing in the lower deck and just indulging in chit-chat. That meant I could do both.

Here are some pictures I clicked of the countryside. Isn’t it just beautiful? They gave me an idea, to start a series called Beautiful Kerala. [link]

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And here is one picture of us, all set for the outing, taken by one of our juniors who came to look us up just before we were off.

Kariavattom Noodles

The L & M of course could not make it. At the railway station where he had come to see me off, my friend asked him why he wasn’t joining us. Pointing to me he said with a straight face, “She has a daughter whom I have to take care of when she is away!” Well, that’s indeed the truth. If it weren’t for him, would I leave my baby and go gallivanting the countryside, even for friends? No way!