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I don’t get it. So kissing is against Indian ‘culture’ (or so say the moral police), but threatening people with sexual assault as punishment by the very same goons is ‘our culture’? Will some of the Bheeshma Pitha Mahas and Dhritarashtras among our so called ‘wise’ population answer?

Hint: Bheeshma and Dhritarashtra are elders who kept a judicious (?!) silence citing stupid technicalities when Draupadi, daughter-in-law of the house, was dragged into court and an attempt to disrobe her made by brother-law Dushassan at the orders of his older brother Duryodhana, to whom Draupadi’s husbands had lost her in a game of dice in the epic, Mahabharata. Yeah I know, your head just reeled, right?

What a perfect precedent for the goons to fall back on when things don’t go their way. Not that they have ‘won’ women in any present day equivalent of a game of dice. But they know a little pretense of being custodians of morality (and especially women) never hurt, and would take them far in life in a country full of clones of the same silent spectators at the court that fateful day.

Sad that there are family and friends speaking up against kissing, but not against threats of sexual violence!

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