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The other day I did one of those quizzes on Facebook, ‘What kind of a lady are you?’ Lame, I know. I saw that my friend had got ‘A Liberated Lady’ and was curious to know what result it would throw up for me. Look what I got. 

The Mysterious Lady

You can sometimes be misunderstood but you are extremely lovable and fascinating inside. You are sincere in the most genuine way possible and that is absolutely refreshing. The only ones who get to miss out on you are those who judge a book by its cover. But those who have the courage to see what’s in your heart, will discover a world they’ll forever be enamored by.

 ‘You to a T!’ my friend (from school days) exclaimed, much to my surprise. I mean I didn’t know she had me to a T in the first place if you know what I mean. The result did impress on the whole as it was rather close to the truth. That thing about being misunderstood in that very first line! Forget about ‘sometimes’, I only have to open my mouth and before any sound has emanated, you bet your very last rupee someone or other will already have misunderstood me. I kid you not. At times I don’t even have to do that, just stand and stare like how the whatchamacallit poet said, my only aim being to serve, and along will come someone or other and misunderstand my ‘stance’.

It is some sort of jinx, I tell you. Umm… do you think it was all a mistake and the result actually should have read ‘Misunderstood Lady’?! Sigh. Okay. Let me stop going down that lane and tell you of what I loved most about it. That bit about me being sincere and genuine.. Now that’s me, alright. Get that around your heads you cynics out there. Ha! Who am I kidding? Cynics will always be cynics, unable to see sincerity or genuineness even if written right across the sky in fire by the hands of Gods they believe in.

But whatever, don’t take me for a dumbo who buys into the results of such tests. Oh no, no, no, no. The face might be that of a duffer, but the insides are made of pretty strong stuff. I know that by answering a few questions on Facebook none can come up with an almost eerily perfect picture of me or anyone else. Generalizations, my dears, that’s what it is, and good old coincidence added for good measure. I am sure there are many more who have taken the same test and got similar results. *waves to all the ‘Mysterious Ladies’ out there* Yeah, I am a skeptic of sorts when it comes to such questionnaires, but couldn’t resist the fun of answering it and sharing the result here for the heck of it.

So tell me, have you taken any tests lately?

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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