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Today I have a shailism in the form of a question:

On the one hand you are told both joy and sorrow are part of life, and on the other are asked to ALWAYS smile and think positive. Excuse me. Does anyone else notice the contradiction here? #shailism

I certainly do.

How come we are not taught to accept and deal with them both instead of being asked to ‘always think positive’ thereby negating and invalidating feelings of sorrow? If sorrow is indeed an inevitable part of life like joy, why give it the Royal Ignore, why the repeated suggestions of quick whitewashing of it with layers of ‘positive thoughts’ as if sorrow is something shameful, almost akin to Indian parents proudly flaunting the fairer of the twins to visitors but pretending the darker one standing right beside them does not exist? To me it looks suspiciously like ‘lessons on how to lead a life of pretense’.

My personal theory: I feel I MUST allow myself to be sad just as I allow myself to be happy. [From here]

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NaBloPoMo November 2014

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