Today’s post is an update to inform that I am back in the race of NaBoPloMo 2104. I have not posted the last two days due to some unexpected setbacks and the resultant sheer exhaustion. But life has to go on, whatever. Right? So I am back , determined to write whatever I can and complete the challenge. After all, the best cure/solution for everything related to a writer (apologies to “real” writers for calling myself thus) is words and only words.

I hate giving up on anything if I possibly can, and by the fact that I am where I am in life, I know I have fighter genes (whatever they are!) in me. I have forgotten the number of times I have had to climb up a mountain, figuratively speaking, only to be pushed down the cliff, sometimes by what is euphemistically termed Fate, sometimes deliberately by humans around me, only to get up and try again. So, try again I will, because what else is left to do with your spirit, but try to stand and go on walking?

I will also be back-dating and posting for the two days I have missed. I don’t know if that is ‘allowed’, but will pretend to myself that it indeed is. As it is rules change with time, don’t they? Please bear with me if I am tardy in replying. Thank you for understanding. For today, I am leaving you with a picture of Luci, my constant source of joy.


NaBloPoMo November 2014

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