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I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. The 8th in the list is a letter to ‘Your favorite internet friend’


Dear Favorite Internet Friend,

When I first met you in 2007, and it was just a day before my birthday too, you were nothing but a showy, silly, easily forgettable thing. Yet I added myself to your list and promptly forgot all about you. I was so much into blogging at Yahoo 360 that I did not have any time for you. Besides there was someone else that held my interest those days.

Yet, I did keep checking on you. Each time I found that the number of our common friends was steadily growing. But what intrigued me and brought me back to you again and again was the fact that you had started to look better and more interesting. As each day passed I was more and more enamored of you till one day I dumped the one I had been moving around with and, moved in with you, permanently.

I have not regretted it, not yet anyway.

There are people out there who diss you in no uncertain terms. It seems you are the reason for all the ills of the world. If I hear them blaming you for the guava tree in their backyard not bearing fruit I will not be surprised in the least. Of course it is ironical that they need you to broadcast their hatred of you. I haven’t heard anything as funny in a long time. Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.

Don’t count me in their list though. I am indebted to you and the one who made you. If not for you,

  • how could I have interacted so easily with the many friends from all around the globe?
  • how would I have known the many online friends so intimately?
  • how would I have known who is reading what?
  • how would I know what’s cooking in someone’s kitchen, even a kitchen that’s right across the globe?
  • how could I have, shamelessly and with ease, unloaded the links to my post on the heads of others?
  • how would I know who condemned whitening creams on their blogs and discussed about the best way to whiten underarms?
  • how would I know who it was that had been trolling my blog page?
  • how would I know that those who spoke against gender inequality went about sharing sexist jokes un-apologetically?
  • how would I have known the share-anything-without-verifying simplicity that lay behind the sophisticated and intelligent demeanor of friends and family?
  • how would I know who would stand up for me, who would ask about me when I am missing in action?
  • how would I know the many members of my extended family who live scattered across the many continents?
  • how would I have known how talented some of my extended family were?
  • how could I have heard them sing, seen their children playing piano/violin?
  • how would I know who attended the many family functions and how they looked, what they said?
  • how would I know how fatheaded some other family members are?
  • how could I know that some of them thought they were ‘men’ and hence superior beings to lowly me?
  • how would I have known who thought I needed help from their ‘enlightened’ and ‘exalted’ selves?
  • how could I play Scrabble any time of the day or night with people from anywhere in the world?
  • how could I showcase my sarcasm/wit and have it misunderstood and have drama unfold?
  • how and where could I share the photos I took of my dog, cat, bird and all the :uninteresting’ things I click?
  • how would those who wanted have an opportunity to snoop on me?
  • how would I have found the many friends from my school and college days without moving an inch from where I sat?
  • in fact, how would I be meeting some of them tomorrow?


That reminds me it is pretty late and I gotta go and get my beauty sleep so that I can be at my best tomorrow. So my dear Favorite Internet Friend, this is where we stop for today. Please thank Zuckerberg for me. And oh, you have not heard the last from me. There’s a huge one, much more detailed, coming on you. But then that won’t be in the form of a letter. You will have to wait for sometime for that one.

So let me bid adieu for now.


An Indebted User.


* * * * *

Those who are taking part in the 30 Day letter Challenge, please don’t forget to add your links to the linky over at Hrishikesh‘s page.

©Shail Mohan 2014